Muslim Business Listing

What is it?
This website was created by LIBYANO to help Muslim businesses in UK get an online presence on the web. Some people might not be able to afford the monthly rates to have a website so this directory allows them that opportunity.

There are many websites in UK that allow you to have a link with your details but no unique directory. With this in mind was started.

The vision is to make the Muslim Businesses Directory an affordable online advertising avenue for businesses, big or small. We will also showcase news articles and other informative resources to build this website as one of the very best portals on the web .

How does it work?
As a visitor you can browse any of the categories to find the business that you are looking for. Each listing has the company contact details as well as a short description.

Businesses get to list themselves on this website for FREE! If you want your listing to stand out as a featured item please read below.

Help! I'm still lost
Not a problem. Do send an email via the contact form by clicking here.

How do I add my listing?
OK. So you are ready to place your details on the MB Directory. Here is how you can do it.

Go here to register and have a free account setup.
Select your own username and password.
Enter a valid email address.
Click "Send Registration".
Check your email box for an email. This will have a link for you to click on to activate your account.
Once you have activated your account you can now login and add your listing. Please note that this is once off.

Now that you are registered, and logged in, you can add your listing.

Browse to the category where you want your listing to appear.
Click on the "Add your listing here" link.
Enter your details, submit and you are done!
Please note that your listing will first need to be approved before it is shown on this website.

How many listings can I add?
You are not limited to the number of businesses that you can add. Please note that we allow you to add more than one listing per business...! Example : if you do Travel , Hajj and Umar here you can add your business to Travel agent category and to Hajj & Umra category as well. Please make sure that your details are added to the correct category; eg: if you own a Bed and Breakfast don't add it to Automotive.

I don't have a website to add to my listing. What now?
A website can definitely help you in marketing your business but is not necessary for your listing. If, however, you are interested then do contact Libyano Designs for website development.

Is it really free?
Yes. To add your listing will cost you nothing; only the few minutes it takes you to type in your details.

The only time it will cost you is if you want to have your listing featured.

There is no category for my listing
If you can't find a suitable category to place your business listing no problem ,go to a category or the Parent Category where you want to add your category then click on Add category in your right hand side ....If unsure please send us a comment through the contact form and it will be created.

What does featured mean?
To have your listing featured basically means that it will be highlighted. It will also be placed above all other listings in your category and will be the first advert that visitors see when browsing.

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